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This website offers a unique solution to the problem of stuttering. After many years of work in developing what has become the world’s largest spoken English language course (www.freeenglishnow.com), we realized that the way in which we are teaching hundreds of thousands of students to speak English may be the key to correcting stuttering for many. Interestingly enough, this may suggest why many stutterers report their ability to learn a foreign language without stuttering.

Normal Speech Development

Normal childhood language growth requires simultaneous development of cognitive skills (memory), feedback from hearing, and the proprioceptive sense (the nerve receptors in the mouth, voice box, diaphragm, etc.). These three essential language components can only be developed while actually speaking a language correctly. Limiting language development for cognitive skills alone is sufficient for reading and writing proficiency, but not for spoken language fluency. If, as a child, you were able to read and write reasonably well but avoided speaking because of your stuttering, two of these three necessary components in speech were not developing normally.

However, since you could read and write, it was assumed that you knew English, but just stuttered. If you were not regularly speaking correct English, we are suggesting that you did not learn to speak English as a child, even though you learned to understand it when others were speaking.

Starting with the simplest stuttering to treat, it is possible that, even though you have completed effective therapy, you still stutter because you did not master the skills needed for fluent speech. In this case you may need little more than spoken English lessons. Your need may be similar to that of an international student who has studied English grammar but now wants to learn to speak English fluently.

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