Lynn Lundquist is the developer of the Spoken English Learned Quickly language program which has been reformatted for these Spoken Language Training for Those Who Stutter lessons. He has an undergraduate degree in education with an anthropology major, and a master’s degree in education. After his post-graduate work, he completed an introductory course at the Toronto Institute of Linguistics followed by a year of French study in Paris. After studying French briefly at the Sorbonne in Paris, he had the great fortune of finding a private school that taught French as a spoken language. Then came nine years in an African country in which only scant language instruction was available, forcing the development of a self-directed language program. Spoken English Learned Quickly uses techniques he developed for his personal language study, combined with his understanding of English as his native language. The valuable lessons learned overseas, however, were not merely the methods of language learning. While living as a foreigner in another culture, he experienced the isolation and demeaning existence of an adult who is incapable of speaking with others. Lundquist understands the frustration facing the immigrant community in the United States when they must struggle with communication in every area of life.

Spoken English Learned Quickly is based on what he now calls the Proprioceptive Language Learning Method. (It is also commonly called the Feedback Training Method.) This method is described in Lundquist’s book Learning Spoken Englishwhich is also posted on the Free English Now website.

Lundquist has done extensive work in writing, publication and innovative development. He has written 19 books including three books in the Spoken English Learned Quickly series, three technical books for training journeyman electricians, and a number of books dealing with Greek manuscript research (textual criticism). In addition, he holds 23 issued U.S. patents dealing primarily with industrial equipment and processes.


Steve Hazzard is the “voice” for the American accent audio portion of Spoken English Learned Quickly. He has worked in a voluntary capacity as a sound technician for 20 years. This includes mixing live sound as well as recording. His recording projects have primarily involved music, though they have also included voice recordings with a professional voice coach. Steve maintains his own well-equipped sound studio.

We appreciate the hours of work Steve put into this project to make it what it is.


Edmund Stone is the “voice” for the British accent lesson recordings in these lessons. He is currently weekend on-air host, and producer and host of “The Score” on All Classical FM radio headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Edmund grew up on an English farm and toured in “Romeo & Juliet” before moving to Scotland, where he reviewed films for BBC Radio and Thompson Publications. Moving to Los Angeles in 1980, he covered the Academy Awards and narrated more than 1,000 educational audio cassettes. He continues to voice commercials, work with orchestras narrating classical concerts, and emcee events. When not indulging his passion for classical music, animals and gardening, Edmund is liaison officer for a chimpanzee rescue center in Cameroon, West Africa.

We appreciate Edmund’s contribution to the success of Spoken English Learned Quickly.


Michael McNamara is the sound technician who took the “squeaks,” “pops,” and “clicks” out of the original American accent audio files. He is a professional in the field, working as a TV broadcast engineer. He maintains his own audio lab where he does freelance commercial projects.

We are indebted to Michael as he has given us the best possible audio quality, while keeping user download time to a minimum.