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We have multiple purposes in making this free offer:

  1. Experience has shown that when there is no money for advertising, the most effective way to gain recognition for something of excellence is to put it into circulation for free. This strategy makes the product available directly to users who will encourage others to use it based on its merit. When there is no profit motive, this simple advertising plan does not depend on expensive marketing. Today, the internet makes this strategy possible. This is exactly what has happened on website. In just four years, Spoken English Learned Quickly has became the world’s most widely used spoken English language course with a current download (November 2009) of 75,000 CDs containing the entire course each month.
  2. We also want to promote the new Proprioceptive Language Learning Method itself — which is also known as the Feedback Training Method. We not only want the method to become recognized, but we want others to begin developing their own material using this same method. We are not trying to protect sales. Rather, we want to promote the method and see it widely used, whether for purely altruistic purposes or for others’ profit. We know history well enough to know that the most effective development of almost any new idea comes when it leaves the exclusive control of the developer with profit motives and moves into the public domain. This method is already becoming widely used with international students as they study individually and in schools which are adopting the method. (Because of health limitations, we recently declined a request from India to adapt the method for use in technical training colleges.) We would also like to see it used by those who stutter if it would offer them an additional tool for developing fluent speech.Following what we just said in the paragraph above, we would hope to see this Feedback Training Method carefully tested and analyzed by those working in the field of speech therapy. We would not only hope for its broader use, but we would anticipate that others will be able to refine the method so that even better courses than this one could be developed for those who stutter.
  3. We will also be completely candid in explaining our purpose when we developed the original language course for international students. We wanted to use a small amount of Bible content which would be completely free of any sectarian emphasis. We did that by using narrative stories as a basis for pronunciation and vocabulary. There were two reasons for this. First, no other book has been as widely translated as the Bible. Therefore, most of our students could get a translation of the text in their own language, making the language learning process considerably easier for them. Secondly, we wanted them to have an acquaintance with the Bible itself.

With Spoken English Learned Quickly already complete (which spanned eight years including almost four years of full-time work), it was impossible to consider doing a new course for Spoken Language Training for Those Who Stutter. This is particularly true considering the immense success Spoken English Learned Quickly is enjoying world wide and that the needs of both the international student learning English and the stutterer who missed essential language training as a child are similar.

Therefore, we must leave future development of a course for those who stutter to experts in the fields of linguistics and speech pathology who have the time and resources it will require.